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Child Care Centres:

  • Add employees with different access levels (administrators, supervisors, staff, viewers)
  • Invite current Substitutes to join
  • Manage Substitute shifts & lists
  • Connect with Substitutes
  • Send out shift notifications


  • Learn which Child Care Centres are in your area
  • Create a personal profile
  • Manage your availability
  • Receive shift notifications
LlamaLink How It Works Register
LlamaLink How It Works Connect


Connect with Qualified Candidates and Centres in your Area.

Child Care Centres:

  • Choose to allow Substitutes to make join requests
  • Allow additional Substitutes to be visible to your centre’s employees
  • Find new Substitutes to add to your centre’s regular Substitute list


  • Easily find Child Care Centres in your locality
  • Make your profile visible to the Child Care Centres of your choice
  • Request to join more Substitute lists


Access Shift Calendars for a Simple Birds-Eye View of Availability.

Child Care Centres:

  • See the current shifts that have been created, as well as past shifts, filled shifts or those still pending
  • Filter events by employee to view shifts created by specific staff members
  • Filter events by unfilled or filled shifts
  • Allow Administrators or selected Supervisors access to edit any shift created


  • View your past, pending, accepted and declined shifts
  • Click the events button on the calendar and get all shift details
  • Choose to accept/decline or receive more information about requested shifts
LlamaLink How It Works Access Shift Calendar
LlamaLink How It Works Shift Notifications


Receive Shift Notifications and Alerts That Simplify the Process.

Child Care Centres:

  • Alert employees of shifts that are created, edited or cancelled by email and/or mobile text message
  • Enable Administrators to monitor the activity of all staff
  • Enable Supervisors to monitor the activity of selected staff
  • Retain a history of all the activities performed by staff


  • Receive shift notifications by mobile text message and/or email
  • Retain a history of all your accepted shifts and actions taken

Support Videos

Get an insider’s look at how LlamaLink works with these short video tutorials. Please share with all of your employees and existing substitutes to help them gain a better understanding of your organization’s new system.

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