Finally, the Easy Solution for Finding Child Care Substitutes!
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What is LlamaLink?

LlamaLink is a simple, streamlined, online database and alert system that provides an easy solution for Child Care Centres to contact and secure quality Substitute Child Care workers.

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The LlamaLink Difference

You still make all the rules and choices. You don’t have to change a thing as LlamaLink is a Cloud-based service and will easily support and integrate with your current system.

The LlamaLink Promise

LlamaLink enables you to spend less time managing absences and substitute lists which means more time to do what really counts – taking care of children.

LlamaLink is Fast, Simple, Reliable, and Easy to join.

LlamaLink One


Both Substitutes and Child Care Centres become visible to one another by simply registering with LlamaLink.

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LlamaLink Two


As the 'herd' grows, LlamaLink provides the hub to make connections easier than ever before.

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LlamaLink Three


Our Calendar System allows both Child Care Centres and Substitutes to quickly and easily fill shifts.

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LlamaLink Four


Real-Time Notifications provide bulk alerts to only those substitutes who are available; no wasted time means more time for the kids.

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LlamaLink How it Works

Web App Screenshots

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Llamalink Screenshot Calander 1
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Features and Benefits

Current Availability

Substitutes can set their availability with precision. When a Child Care Centre creates a shift, they can only select from substitutes that are available, saving everyone time and avoiding unnecessary correspondence.

Shift Records

Substitutes can view their previous and pending shifts, as well as ones they have both accepted and declined.


Child Care Centres and Substitutes must approve requests to join each other's lists. They can also block requests if they want to limit the size of their respective lists.

Real Time Notifications

The notification system will enable Substitutes to get shift notifications by mobile text message and via email.

Access Levels

Child Care Centres can have 4 employee access levels - Admin, Supervisor, Staff, and Viewer, allowing the centre to manage the system according to its individual needs.

Multiple Profiles

A user can choose to be an employee and/or a Substitute as well as maintain profiles for more than one Child Care Centre.

Easy Shift Calendar

Users can quickly click on events in the calendar to receive all the details about the shift.

Easy to Use Interface

Simple and easy to use, LlamaLink is compatible with all devices and platforms. Easy, direct access with a special icon to avoid opening a web browser.


Free unlimited usage for Substitutes; One time registration fee for Child Care Centres, in addition to a low annual fee with no additional costs, including an option for monthly installments.

Contact LlamaLink Today

Are you a Child Care Centre in B.C. that wants a solution to the crisis of securing quality Substitute Child Care workers? LlamaLink enables you to spend less time managing absences and substitute lists which means more time to do what really counts – taking care of children.